Our Services

Innovative Brush-Cutting

We specialise in unique heavy duty brush cutting, and forest regeneration. Utilising innovative brush-cutting techniques and equipment, enabling us to clear large areas of tough weeds such as Lantana quickly and efficiently.

Each job requires alternative methods and systems to create the most efficiency clearing tough weeds.

We can carefully clear around native trees to preserve the original  forest growth, giving the natives the best chance to re-establish the natural forest.

Tree Planting

We offer efficient tree planting, especially worth while after noxious weeds are cleared. Creating the best means to manage land over time, considering once a canopy is established noxious weeds have difficulty re-establishing.


We don’t offer spraying services, but can refer other contractors who do. Although in many cases it can be an advantage to keep root systems such as Lantana in tact until a canopy is established. As it can aid in the growth of regenerating trees, considering it keeps the ground fertile and helps keep the moisture in the ground.

Follow up clearing a few times a year keeps the growth at bay enough to not smother the upcoming forest. This can also keep other weeds away, that can be more time consuming to manage then clearing Lantana re-growth.