Clearing Rates/Variables

  • For brush cutting services we charge $60 per person, for tree planting we charge $50 an hour per person (both services are conducted as efficiently as we can).
  • Efficiency is subject to many variables such as; density of weeds, terrain angles and rocky ground, along with hidden obstacles such as fallen trees.
  • There‚Äôs 29 different types of Lantana here in Australia, making each job completely different.

Seasonal influences

There are some seasonal factors which may affect business operations, such as;

  1. Wet weather can prevent clearing operations.
  2. It is good idea to clear land before spring and summer, reducing fire risk.


We do not offer any credit or payment systems to customers, the payments options are as follows:

  • Payments will be received through a cash payment, bank transfer, direct bank deposit or cheque.
  • Customers will be given up to 7 days to pay for any job undertaken and/or invoiced.